Rio Grande Valley

There are only two things to do when you go to the Rio Grande Valley: go to 8th grade science classes and check out a Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees' ice hockey game. Just kidding. But that's what I did during one of the days I was there. And between one and the other, there was the obligatory trip to Whataburger.

I truly became a fan of the Killer Bees when I found out that they serve dollar beers if the home team scored during a power play. It happened, and we sprinted to concessions because there was only a ten minute window to take advantage.

Shout out to Nate and all four periods of his science classes that we sat through. His students presented power point slide shows about measures we should take to save the environment.

Lorenzo de Zavala Middle SchoolNate Parker
Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees
Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees

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