Lame, I know. I started the trek to the Verizon Center at about 10am. After I took my fourth step into knee deep snow, I thought this might not be a good idea. But I kept it moving and decided I'd have a better trip once I got to some driven over (not plowed) snow. I did. I also saw lots of people frolicking in the streets. Yep, right in the middle. No cars, just skis, dogs, storage bin lids and happy bundled up people.

I didn't expect there to be a lot a folks at the game, but I was surprised and relatively impressed with the Hoyas following, especially the student section. Anyway, after the huge let down against the Bulls of South Florida, the Hoyas gave the #2 team in the country quite a spanking. Payback for 1985? Shout out to myself. I think I hate snow.

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