Field of Steam

FieldTurf is the surface that a lot of high schools have installed on their athletic fields. FieldTurf is also a bed of tiny scorching pebbles when it's 95 degrees out. Do you know how I know? It's because I spend a good amount of Monterey Trail's football practice laying on it.

Practice is all about repetition and while the players try to repeat their awesome technique play after play after play, I try to photograph something a little bit different practice after practice after practice. Sometimes I'm successful and pleased with my variety, but sometimes I also end up taking the same photograph that I did two practices ago. The moral of the story is...there is no moral. I just wanted you to know that I roll around on that burning cookie sheet of a field so you won't be bored when you visit blog.michaelstarghill.com.

Shout out to competition among teammates. You could lose your starting job on Tuesday afternoon but earn it right back on Thursday before the game at the end of the week.


Jeanne said...

Mike, loving your work! Things going well on the left side? East coast misses you :)

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

The left side has been treating me well! No earthquakes or hurricanes at least...