Kick Game: The Sneakerhead Project

Are you tired of projects yet? No? Good because I've got another one for you! While I was living in Sacramento, I had an idea to photograph sneaker collectors aka sneakerheads. I'm sure there is some sort of sneaker culture in every city in America but I was completely surprised by the amount of Facebook groups dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of sneakers in Sacramento alone! I found people who had 15-20 pairs of sneakers and people who owned hundreds. One guy even rents a storage unit to house his collection.

However, I wasn't interested in how little or how many pairs of sneakers a person had. I was interested in the persons single favorite pair and why. I've only done a handful so far, but some guys came through with a nice crispy pair and some showed up with pairs that had seen better days. I'm curious to see the variety of collectors' tastes and why certain pairs of sneakers are at the top of their kicks pyramid. I'm living in Houston now so if you know someone who lives here or knows somebody that knows somebody, link us up! Shout out to the AJ IIIs and the Answer IVs...I can't just choose one.

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