Rails to Trails Magazine - Redding, CA

In October of last year (back when I was still living in Sacramento), I shot an assignment for Rails to Trails Magazine. I was tasked with showing a trail and how people used it daily. So I went to Redding, CA to explore the Sacramento River Rail Trail during a late October weekend. The article was slated to go to print in the Fall 2013 issue so we were looking for fall colors. Even in late October, there wasn't a whole lot of that. It is California, after all.

I went to The Bike Shop (actual name), rented a bike and rode up and down the trail for two days looking for stuff to shoot. Below is a small sample of what I found and you can check out a link to the article HERE! Shout out to bikes...there was a lot of ground to cover that I wasn't interested in doing so with my feet.

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