Pop Trunk and Portraits

"I'm posted up in the parkin' lot, my trunk wavin'
The candy gloss is immaculate, simply amazing
Them elbows pokin' wide on that candy 'Lac
Trunk open, screens on, neon's lit with fifth relaxed"
- Paul Wall on Kanye West's 'Drive Slow'

A couple of weeks ago, I heard about a Houston Slab Fest that was going to take place at MacGregor Park on the south side of the city. Yesterday, I showed up and there they all were. Houston is known for (along with hundreds of other things) these beautiful machines called 'Slabs'. These slabs are covered in shiny candy paint, equipped with rims that stick out 2 feet from their tires, trunks that open and close like they're nodding in agreement and adorned with neon lights displaying a short message. I found all of these features in all different candy colors as I weaved through crowds of people instagraming their favorite vehicles and local rappers shooting music videos. I also took the opportunity to photograph some of the owners of the cars who put a lot of work and money into their classics. 

The slab is part of a Houston culture that I'm sure will always remain in the city but hopefully the Houston Slab Fest will continue year after year so you can go somewhere on a Sunday afternoon and see them all at once! I'll leave you with this freestyle from ESG, the legendary Houston rapper, who pretty much summed up the day. 

Obligatory homage to DJ Screw


Tom Mcleod said...

I was hating but these are super dope.

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Just gotta embrace it man.