HBU Football for Houston Press

This year marks the first year in the history of Houston Baptist University that a Husky-branded football team will take the field. Thanks to the good folks over at Houston Press (ahem, Monica) I was able to take my camera and explore a little bit of what that was like. They practiced early, early in the morning during preseason and then again in the heat of the day. The HBU Football is a team filled with freshmen and sophomore talent and if you ask any football coach, you need upperclassmen to win. I can tell you that they worked extremely hard, only to come into contact with Sam Houston State coming off back to back appearances in the FCS National Championship game. Unfortunately, the Huskies very first game of record was a 74-0 loss in Huntsville. I was extremely honored to have gotten the assignment and very excited to be doing what I think I do best. If you live in Houston, pick up a copy of the magazine and check out the article (and the pictures). If you don't live here, read it anyway! Shout out to first year anythings...you gotta start somewhere on your way to the top.

Check out a gallery of more outtakes HERE!


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Michael!

Eric C. Smith

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Thanks for looking, Eric!