Happy Almost Father's Day!

Happy Almost Father's Day ya'll! I'm gonna celebrate the 2nd place of parental holidays with a few portraits of my old man. After my creativity inducing trip to the Palm Springs Photo Festival, I decided I needed to make more portraits. And who better to start with than the most accessible subjects? Family. The first person on the list was Mike Sr.

I originally, wanted to shoot in a large open field that I was sure existed out in the wild west of Katy, TX. But after about a half hour of scouting, there was nothing easily accessible for the truck. As a side note, subdivisions in the suburbs of Houston emerge often and very quickly. Thanks to the HOA (haters) he can't park his work truck in the neighborhood so he rents a spot at a nearby storage facility down the street. I checked it out and figured we could make it work.

It had been a pretty long work day for Mike Sr., so I greeted him with a tall boy of Budweiser before we got the photo party started. In the end, I accomplished my goal of making more portraits, drank some brews with the old man and added to my tangible collection of family memories. Shout out to dads...Happy Almost Father's Day!

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