Hockey Night in Houston for the Houston Chronicle

As a freshman in college, I saw a flyer hanging in a hallway of my dorm. It was an informational meeting for American University's Club Hockey Team and I decided to attend. New city, new people, new experiences, right? I met a guy at the meeting from Houston who loved hockey, but that was pretty much the beginning and end of my hockey career. I don't know what I was thinking.

On a trip home sometime in the early to mid-2000s I saw a billboard near the old Compaq Center (now Joel Osteen's church) trying to woo visiting NHL officials to bringing a team here. That also didn't happen. But that doesn't mean the city lacks fans!

I went to The Maple Leaf Pub near downtown Houston for a story the Chronicle was running on hockey in Houston. The New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins were going to do battle in game 7 of the conference semis. Their respective fans, present in the bar, were a little more jovial. The intensity of the crowed peaked at the beginning of the game and the very end. I'm not even a hockey fan but I'd head to The Maple Leaf Pub to catch a game or two. Why not? Check out the article HERE.

This dog is named Lil' Willie Stargell

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