100 Things Every Houstonian Must Do for Houstonia Magazine

A couple of months ago I was asked to embark on a mini project as part of a huge list of '100 Things Every Houstonian Must Do' for Houstonia Magazine. Sadly, of the list of five things that I was assigned to shoot, I had only completed two. A tumble down the hill at Hermann Park and a visit to an ice house? Check and check with both being completed before my age reached double digits. Thanks Dad! Traders Village? Nope. Texans tailgate? Nope. Western two-step dancing? Hell nope.

The process was incredible. Traders Village has a LOT of crap but it also has pretty much everything you could ever need. I became completely enthralled with the electronics and toy stores that sold every single video game system and action figure that I had growing up. I almost bought a Sega Genesis but that would involve me playing more video games than I already do. My Houston football allegiance does and will always belong to the Houston Oilers but my time roaming around the Blue Lot before a Texans game was a (blue) lot of fun to say the least. Every time I stopped to photograph an interesting looking set up, they fed me. And not just burgers and dogs, either. I'm talking stuffed jalapenos, filet mignon fajitas, bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp...you get the picture. The last stop was a trip to the SSQQ Dance Studio where the two step was one of the many dances being taught to a large crowd sectioned off in 4-5 different spaces. It looked like fun but luckily I didn't get pulled onto the hardwood to break it down.

Anyway, check out the rest of the list and marking things off. If it means you have to come to Houston...so be it! Shout out to Chris for the assignment! 

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