Half The Talent: Beer League Softball

Half The Talent is the name of a softball team I joined upon my arrival in Houston in July 2013. Through connections with my brother-in-law I was introduced to the team via a couple of 10-day contracts during visits to Houston prior to my permanent move back. Now that I'm back in H-Town for good, I've signed a long term deal for an undisclosed amount of money, years and beers.

The league operates year round, beginning a new season every six weeks. After our most recent season, which ended shortly before Christmas, we were crowned champions and I received my first ever Houston Sportsplex Championship T-Shirt. Size: large. This is also the first season I brought my camera to a few games. Coincidence? I think not. Here's to collecting many more cheap white t-shirts in the new year. Shout out to the squad!


Tom Mcleod said...

Lol...who would give you a large t-shirt?

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Haha, smallest they give out. Hard out here man.

ThreeZo said...

Love the photos...funny because I had the same thought about the tshirt size. Then I thought, "man, I want to play some softball, too."