Rugby: HURT vs. Katy Lions

The winning streak must go on. Last Saturday, HURT put 29 points on the board with a combination of tries, conversions and penalties. Don't ask me what that means, just go with it. Katy Lions Rugby failed to do any of those things. The game started off a little chippy with a Katy Lion being sent off early with two yellow cards but usually the scoreboard cures all, especially for the winners.

Once again, pretty entertaining and highly competitive but I'm a little less lost about the game than I was last week. You know how people from other countries talk about how they learned English by watching reruns of Full House and Gilligan's Island (which is a pretty incredible feat). Well that's how I'm going to figure out the game of rugby. I'm just going to keep watching until I understand. I'm definitely starting to get the gist.

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