Patrick Beverley for Green Label

Hung out with Mr. 94 Feet during a collaboration he was doing with Green Label. Originally, we were supposed to shoot all over the city at a bunch of awesome outdoor locations but...rain. So all of the outdoor venues turned into indoor gyms. The first stop was the Hastings Bears high school gym, of which I have a bit of familiarity. I grew up hooping across the street from the school, my nieces and nephew graduated and currently attend, respectively, and I worked on a little football project with the team.

Pat Bev came through with his family and galoshes and after introducing himself to everyone as Larry Hoover, he played a little one on one with his little sister Mya. Even then, Mr. 94 Feet was in full effect. No buckets were yielded to 4 year old children. After we left Hastings, we headed over to the Rockets practice facility at Toyota Center for some more shooting. I resisted the urge to challenge Pat to a game of one-on-one in from of Rockets GM Daryl Morey for his starting spot. My nephew says he would undoubtedly play Beverley to a scoreless draw...so I would have had a shot.

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