DC United 3 - San Jose Earthquakes 1

Welcome to another chapter in the coverage of DC United's 2008 season. Untitled, Michael Starghill is a place where you won't find stats, game strategy or post games quotes, just pictures and the humble opinions and of a sideline photographer.

Yesterday marked the first Sunday game as well as the first day game of the season and luckily the 3 p.m. start fell on a day that the humidity decided to take a short break. Yesterday's opponent: San Jose Earthquakes. What kind of team name is the Earthquakes? Just announced: The MLS will be expanding further south in 2009 where they will unveil the New Orleans Hurricanes (I don't know if Miami or Carolina ever had it this bad).

Anyway...right before the game starts, the sprinkler system comes on. It just so happens that a sprinkler head is conveniently located in the midst of where all the photographers stand/sit to shoot the game. Although I'm far too quick to be caught by any sprinklers, a photographer who was on the other side of the field and unaware of the sprinkler situation was not so lucky. The thousands of dollars of equipment that he left behind to go shoot the pre-game activities was taking an impromptu shower. Oops.

After the game ended, two new sets of teams ran on the field. Little did I know, there was a scheduled double header with the second game pitting the Womens Professional Soccer League's Washington Freedom against the Richmond Kickers Destiny (again what kind of team name is Kickers Destiny). I guess none of the other fans knew either as the stands started to empty after the first game's final whistle.

Shout out to Emilio Luciano for scoring...again.

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