DC United 4 - LA Beckhams 1

As a photo assistant, I must say I've learned a few things about photography. Shooting at high noon...not such a good idea, as I shared as a guest blogger on What You Need If (shout out to James for the tip). But yesterday, I had no choice. The lighting was awful and raccoon eyes were in full effect. But it wasn't like I was shooting portraits so I couldn't just move the game to the shade or fast forward to the golden hour.

DC United played the L.A. Beckhams yesterday and it appears that some of the Beckhamania has died down since last year. But as usual, the British pied piper brings twice the fans when he visits MLS stadiums (36,000 yesterday...up from an average of 18,000). So I decided to show up a wee bit early, mate.

After filling the tank of the Jeep with $2/gallon gas, (just kidding $4.23...true story) I found out that I could park for free if I just flashed my media credential. A revelation much more appreciated at the start of the season rather than ten games and $120 into it. As I expected, there were as many Herbalife 23s as there were Volkswagen 99s...similar to when the Red Sox play the Orioles at Camden Yards.

Expected by the experts to be a shootout, I witnessed a 4-1 drubbing with the Beckhams being on the losing end. Enjoy.

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