When it rains...

It rains some more. Yesterday was another installment of my coverage of the 2008 DC United season and it was quite different from the other matches. A few constants: The drive down Florida Ave., "random hip hop artist" blasting in my Jeep CD player (nope still no ipod for me) and $12 for parking. Sure wish I had a VW. A few variables: Thuderstorms, tornado warnings, and torrential downpour throughout the Washington DC area.

When I left my apartment, there was a nice little early summer rain. The windshield wipers wiping every 3-5 seconds. You know, nothing I can't handle. I strapped the rain gear on myself and on my camera and prepared to get some cool shoots of soccer players playing in the rain (light rain). But instead I was greeted with a rain delay.

The game started about twenty minutes after the scheduled time with nothing falling from the clouds. Five minutes in a light drizzle started. Ten minutes in a steady downpour ensued. Fifteen minutes in, the game was stopped and the rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see the other side of the field. Twenty seconds after that I was sitting in the old Washington Nationals dugout in RFK Stadium with about six inches of water below my feet.

So I sat in the dugout for about an hour and a half hobnobbing with the other photographers and waiting to see if the players were coming back on the field. They never did. Game postponed and scheduled for a later date.

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