Like it's 1987

Whenever I fly south to my parents house for a week or two every winter, I inevitably examine my room and look through drawers, closets, boxes and shelves to find the same things that I left there last Christmas, only with a little more dust. This time I found Paul Pierce and Shaq (in his prime) just kickin' it in a drawer. These relics of my teenage years had been in the dark and lonely for a little less than a year. So I dusted them off, kinda, and put them in some window light. Shout out to Todd McFarlane.


Casey said...

first of all . . . you have a paul pierce action figure? how much do you want for him? he'd look great next to my tom brady bobble head.

and second of all . . . yes, i am reading your blog

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

haha yep sure do. that'll be $34, scars not included.

secondly...about damn time. what took you so long to get to this internet goodness?