The Second Season

When one ends, a new one begins. This time the Colts of Coolidge High School are playing basketball. I've started photographing this team after their preseason games against teams from other states and after all of their holiday tournaments. We are now down to the nitty gritty of league play. Or as coach Vaughn Jones says, the games that matter.

The League: DCIAA West.

The goals: Win the West. Win the league championship. Win the City Title against Washington DC's top private school.

First opponent: Cardozo High School.

The Colts were matched up against Cardozo High School that boasted Raphael Guthrie who scored 31 and 40 in two previous games. At halftime the Colts trailed 26-25 but ended up winning the game after outscoring Cardozo 56-16 in the second half. So far so good.

1-0 in league play.

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