New Year, Same Ol' Family

Every New Year's Day, the Starghill family gathers for a day of food, conversation and football bowl games. This time, I decided to extend my annual Christmas trip to Houston through the new year. I also decided to take a portrait of everyone who came through the door. I set up a "studio" in the backyard which consisted of an orange stool for the subject, a wooden fence as the background, and a piece of white cardboard to reflect some light (held by my assistant Nekeita: first picture, left side). Luckily for me, everyone cooperated. Shout out to Nekeita for charging me $1 per person for holding a piece of cardboard.

Neice: Nekeita Neice: Nekeisha

Dad: Michael Mom: Kathy

Uncle: S.M. Uncle: Leroy

Sister: LaToya Brother-in-law: Chris
Cousin: Donavan Cousin: Dave
Niece: Jazmine Nephew: Elijah
Aunt: Wanda Aunt: Marie
Aunt: Ruth Sister: Tichara


Deuce said...

This is a great post! The family resemblances are strong. It's interesting to look at the aunts, uncles, and cousins and try to guess which side of the family they're on.

W said...

Mikey, Those are really great photos, I don't even have makeup on and I still look cute. It seems you captured the essence of everyone. Didn't you get one of Madea?

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Nope, I sure didnt get one of her that day...I should have, but I didnt want to make her walk out in the backyard to my "studio"