8to8: Deontre Blayz/Derrick Bowers -- Rapper/Aftercare Instructor

Although I've known Blayz since about 2003, I hadn't kicked it with him for such an extended period of time. And when we did kick it, it was usually in the music studio down in the basement of the McKinley building at American University. This time around, it was interesting to see his creative process but even more interesting to see him at work and interacting with kids. I guess we've all grown up.

Deontre Blayz is a Brooklyn-born MC and Howard University alum currently living in Washington DC. Derrick Bowers, also known as Mr. Bowers to his 4th graders, was formerly a teacher associate and is currently an aftercare instructor at E. L. Haynes public charter school on Georgia Ave. NW. Music is his passion but working with children pays his bills. We all know that becoming successful in the music industry doesn't happen overnight. In this installment of 8to8, I follow Deontre Blayz to illustrate a day in the grind of getting there.

P.S. this blog post includes an embedded slideshow so it might not be viewable in your feed reader. You might just have to head to the site Untitled, Michael Starghill.

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