Ballou @ Coolidge Football

I feel like if this was the SuperBowl, ESPN would talk for days and days about the story lines of this football game. But it's not, so I'll fill you in.

The current head coach of Ballou used to be an assistant to the current head coach of Coolidge. Three years ago when the current head coach of Ballou took the Ballou job, he also took a handful of Coolidge's best players. Yeah, because for some reason, DC public high school athletics works something like free agency but without the contracts. Which is why Coolidge's junior running back from last year is now Ballou's senior running back. Confusing I know, but drama nonetheless.

Oh and Ballou scored a TD with no time left to tie the game. They didn't have a kicker, so they had to go for two...and the win. Everyone thought that the two-point conversion was successful...except the ref signaling an incomplete pass. All hell broke loose. Read about it here. Shout out to kickers.

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Coolidge High School FootballCoolidge High School FootballCoolidge High School Football

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West Potomac Rugby said...

Sounds like a Billichick/Mangini kind of situation to me.