Portraits and Lyrics

And the unveiling of yet another one of my projects. This particular series of portraits have yet to be formally named but lets call them "performance portraits" for now.

I've known Sabrey for quite a long time...as you can see. And Roger for quite a bit longer. The Evanston born and raised hip hop duo is known as GooD HooD and I've even been known to step in the booth to spit hot fire in collaboration. But those were my younger days.

Now I just watch and listen. A few weeks ago I did a simple white seamless shoot with them for some new promo material. While at the shoot, I had them perform a verse from a few of their songs and shot as fast as my lights would recycle.

For me, what is even better than good music is the passion with which the artists performs. I tried to capture that. Shout out to GooD HooD and you can check their music out here and here.

Deuce of GoodHoodSabrey Smith of GoodHoodDeuce of GoodHood

Can't Stop VideoSabrey Smith of GoodHood


virginia photographer - Mark Finkenstaedt said...

Really nice work - love portraits - Good work- Great Idea.

Adam Auel said...

Wow- really nice portraits, great expression and lighting.

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Thanks Adam and Mark.