8to8: Broadway Miller -- North Carolina Rapper: INCOMPLETE

I've known Broadway for at least 4 years now and he's been the subject of many of my photo shoots. So far I've worked with him on all three of his albums. Chillin' Wit Customers Vol. 1, Gets It All Day and Catch up or Get Caught. He returned to Washington DC for the weekend to shoot a music video for his new song POSSE 2010 and attend his mixtape release party later that night at Lotus Lounge.

Check out the video for POSSE 2010 directed by Ryan A. Cole. Clearly an upgrade from Broadway's MTV debut.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to do an 8to8, but instead it turned out to be more like an 8to2. The latter part of the day ended up being a lot of driving around so we decided to cut it short. Here is a little of what I got that day. Shout out to Mr. Miller, you are not off the hook for a proper 8to8, good sir.

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