National Jesuit Christmas Classic: Day 2

Congratulations NJCC. So far, the Christmas classic has been so (except that it is now December 30). The final game of the second night was between Belen Jesuit from Miami and Georgetown Prep. Presumably Georgetown Prep was the favorite because traditionally schools host tournaments with winning the tournament in their minds. It was close throughout with Georgetown Prep trailing early and rallying late. The game got a little chippy down low with under two minutes to play including wayward elbows and flailing arms amongst the big men. Markel Starks, Georgetown Prep's star guard was the voice of reason telling his teammates to calm down. He then proceeds to drive to the basket and draw a two shot foul. Nailing both free throws, he ties the game with about 48 seconds left to play.

Sans the shot clock in high school basketball (at least in this area) Belen has 47 seconds to waste before hoisting up a last second shot. And they did just that, giving Georgetown Prep no time to retaliate. Game. 57-55. Goodnight Prep.

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Georgetown Prep Basketball Markel Starks
Georgetown Prep BasketballBelen Jesuit Georgetown Prep Basketball
Georgetown Prep Basketball Markel Starks
The Game Winner!Belen Jesuit Basketball

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