Broadway Miller: Catch up or get Caught Vol. 2

A few weeks ago I photographed my man Broadway Miller for his upcoming mixtape project titled Catch up or Get Caught: Vol. 2. I've known this cat for a while now and have documented his career from performing at Howard Homecoming and recording tracks at American University to opening for Fort Minor at Nation and Rick Ross at Fur. Over the years, he's happily been a guinea pig for many different portrait ideas that I've had. This time we shot atUnion 206 Studio in Alexandria, VA. (Quick plug: this place is a great space to work in, provides lots of location options and pretty much has everything you need to execute a successful shoot. Definitely check it out).

While CUOGC Vol. 2 has not yet been released, do yourself a favor and download The Mixtape before the Mixtape. Shoutout to this mini twitter party: @broadwaymiller @union206studio@starghill.

Broadway Miller
Broadway Miller

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