Portraits on Burgundy...or Maroon.

This blog is usually populated with a lot of sports action but I think I'll give you all a very short break from that today.

Aside from 300 New Jersey Avenue being an awesome building in the midst of drab downtown D.C. architecture, it is also the home of the consulting firm Gray/Loeffler. The original plan was to photograph them against white but when I stepped into the conference room, there was a slight change of that plan. Not only was I greeted by a framed Texas flag as part of the office decor but also a deep burgundy/maroon colored wall that I'd much rather use as a background. So there you have it. The white seamless was ditched and suits and smiles ensued.

Anyone in need of headshots for their business, firm or themselves, give me a shout! Shout out to RH Media Group.

Gray Loeffler portraits

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