Time Machine Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I'll reach way back into my archive to find an image or two to share. This new blog post series is made possible after I finally took the hard drives out of my old desktop computer and breathed some new life into them using a couple of slick, new hard drive enclosures. After struggling past the idea of dynamic and basic disks, the old drives (and images) are up and running.

First up is a portrait of SB taken on April 6, 2008. I rented a 24mm tilt-shift lens from Penn Camera and we wandered around Cardozo High School stopping at a few places to shoot some frames. This shot was taken on the steps of Harrison Elementary School in NW Washington DC. We were originally shooting some stuff for his website, but sadly these images never got used. Shout out to David Burnett, he does the tilt-shift thing pretty well.

SB portrait

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