Paul VI and the VI Man!

Often in spectator sports, the home fans make a lot of noise and create an atmosphere that give their team a perceived advantage over the visiting team. In football there's the 12th man and in basketball there's the 6th man. But at Paul VI Catholic High School, there is the VI Man. Last Friday, Paul VI played their biggest rival and crosstown competition, Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School. I photographed both the girls and boys

varsity teams in during their exciting match-ups against O'Connell. The girls were able to pull out a victory but t

he boys were unsuccessful. After giving up the lead shortly after halftime, they never regained it (read about it here). Who knew hundreds of shrieking teenagers could be so

damn loud.

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Paul VI BasketballPaul VI BasketballPaul VI BasketballPaul VI Basketball
Paul VI Basketball
Paul VI Basketball

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