Way Back Wednesdays: Rosecroft Raceway

Very early into my photography career, I was really into shooting boxing. I think it can all be traced back to this poster that hung in my room all of sophomore year at the alma mater. Thanks to Boxing Along the Beltway, I was able to keep up with all things boxing in and around the District to find my next shoot.

On August 3, 2007, I shot an event at the now closed Rosecroft Raceway. It was extremely dark, and the little bit of light creeping in from a setting sun never touched the ring. Also throw in the fact that no matter how big or small the event, there is always someone telling you where you can and can't shoot. I made it do what it do with my trusty, but now broken, 50mm f/1.8. Fast moving limbs and cave-like lighting is never a good situation for freezing the action. In this shot, Kendrick "Holy Hands" Walker takes a swipe at Norman

Allen. Shout out to professional boxers...they hustle hard.

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