Way Back Wednesdays: Sons of Ballers

In this edition of Way Back Wednesdays, we're going to go back to 1994. My Houston Rockets played the New York Knicks in the NBA Finals and we got absolutely no respect. Sports Illustrated had the 1994 World Champion New York Knicks commemorative magazines already printed going into game 7. I hated the mid-90s Knicks and Anthony Mason's stupid hair cuts and I loved Hakeem the Dream for making Patrick Ewing look like a chump.

In 2008, I shot a lot of Georgetown basketball. And some of those games included a couple of mid-90s Knick kids, Patrick Ewing, Jr. (Georgetown) and Anthony Mason, Jr. (St. John's). At that point, I was far enough in front of 1994 to repress my vitriol for those two names but then I had a totally different thought. I must be getting old.

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