The Ides of February: Panthro Edition

Last month was portrait of a toy from a movie from my childhood. This month, a little of the same. Next month, I promise I'll switch it up. I promise.

If there was a cartoon draft, ThunderCats would go first pick, first round every time. Followed by TMNT and Recess of course. But my favorite character on my favorite cartoon show was Panthro. I can't recall exactly why but maybe it was because his voice was that of a Black actor (Russell Huxtable) or maybe it was because he had a bald head like my dad. Whatever it was, Panthro also happened to be the last remaining relic of my late 80s ThunderCat paraphernalia.
Shout out to the gray panther with the spiked suspenders and the pawed, two-toned nunchucks.


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