3 On 3 For All The Marbles: Part II

Since last years tournament for 'all the marbles', I've kept in touch with the car club that organizes the day of festivities. Usually at the beginning of the summer, they host the tournament, with no entry fee, and dole out a $600 cash prize to the last team standing. This day was no different.

A grueling afternoon of intense 3-on-3 action was both the fuel and the fatigue of each team. Competition was fierce and the players were clawing for not only respect, but also $600 for winning basketball games. It's ALMOST like being in the NBA, right?

Just like last year, the champion hailed from "The Heights" and they were very vocal about it (you probably even recognize some familiar faces). The defenders of the crown made it to the final game but lost to a younger version of themselves from the same neighborhood. Shout out to everyone who kept it civil in a game where at times it can be hard. Especially when you throw some greenbacks into the mix.

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