The Great Go-Kart Confusion

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I had a brilliant plan. I saw this flyer and thought to myself, "Self, this would be pretty cool to shoot. You should try to get in there and shoot that." So I reached out, quite blindly I might add, to try to get access to shoot this event. And I was successful. Yes! I'm thinking there is going to be a motocross event, outside, with lots of dirt, colorful uniforms and loud bikes. I'm thinking I'm going to light it and shoot some documentary stuff and possibly some portraits. A field day, right? Wrong.

This flyer, was actually for fans to have a meet and greet and the opportunity to race against the motocross riders...but at a go-kart track. So I get to this indoor racetrack and I'm thinking to myself, "Self, where is all the dirt? There must be another track, outside, behind the building." And that's when I got the news. Instead of motocross, I'd be shooting indoor go-kart racing. I could have packed up all my toys and gone home, but I didn't. I just shot some go-karts. Shout out to the good folks at K1 Speed. Also, I'm still looking for the words "go" and/or "kart" on that flyer.