Long Live The Kings

Some of you may have heard, or not, but the city of Sacramento is keeping their NBA franchise in town. After a lot of back and forth with the Maloofs looking to move the Kings to Anaheim, Virginia Beach and Seattle, Mayor Kevin Johnson with the help of an ownership group led by Vivek Ranadive has successfully kept the team in the city. To celebrate this King continuity, there was rally at Cesar Chavez Park smack dab in the middle of Sacramento.

In my two years here, one thing I've learned is that this place looooooooooves the Kings. They love Jimmer and Webber and Vlade and Mitch and Tyreke and Bobby (Hurley and Jackson) and Peja and IT and Bibby. All those cats. They love them. And they came out in full force to celebrate at least 35 more years of the purple and black royalty.

Shout out to KJ, David Garibaldi, Carmichael Dave's RV, Chris Webber jerseys and that big ass banner that everyone signed. Long Live the Kings.