The Adventures of Good Hood

I've featured Deuce, Sabrey or both on Untitled in the past. And if you're one of six of my faithful readers, you would know that when their powers combine, they make up Good Hood (the soon to be famous hip-hop music duo). Last week I was privileged to join the two, along with Queen and Jordan for a performance during the Baltimore Music Conference at The Black Hole.

First of all, Deuce tells me that the performance is in Baltimore. Cool, no problem, I've been to Baltimore before...multiple times. But the show is actually in Dundalk, which is a little further east of Baltimore. I've never been to Dundalk; therefore, I have no problem with Dundalk. But here go Deuce and Sabrey with the stories of performing in small towns that begin with, "Remember that time...". The Black Hole, known for its rock and roll, was a solid venue. There was an actual stage equipped with lights and sound people (to be PC) and the french fries were pretty good. The only thing that worried me were the biker dudes with grey-ing pony tails sitting at the video poker machines. I don't know if anyone told them it was hip hop night.

Jordy and Sabrey trying to correct the wackness playing on the jukebox.

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