What's with the black?

By judging the content of some of my sports posts, you might think I'm partial to this school they call Gonzaga College High School. Truth be told, they play pretty close to my apartment. The games I decide to shoot are determined by proximity and not by importance of match up, as one may think. Last week this game between two of the best high school soccer teams in the region (DeMatha and Gonzaga) was played at Trinity University here in Washington DC. The usually purple Gonzaga Eagles decided to go black a la the Georgia Bulldogs (you see where it got them). But instead of incurring the same fate as the Bulldogs, the Gonzaga Eagles did one better by finishing with a 2-2 tie.

Luckily for them (because I captured the game in such magnificence) the location was right in my wheelhouse. In case you're a big high school soccer fan, details of the actual contest were provided by the good folks at DCSportsFan.com.

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