Road Trip

It's Friday again, and usually on Friday's, Untitled's lone contributor is shooting a football game in the near future. Last Friday I spent all day with the Coolidge Colts on a road trip to old West Virginny where they played (and lost) a game to the Bridgeport Indians of Bridgeport High School in, you guessed it, Bridgeport, West Virginny.

This is the third consecutive year that I've gone on an out of state road trip with the team and each time has been pretty interesting. Once again we were driven through the interstate highways of America by an old man with a scraggly gray beard and a dingy white cap who also closely resembles "Grady" from Sanford and Son.

Coolidge lost and luckily for them, it was too dark for me to record any game evidence. I liked the fluorescent lights of the locker room anyway.

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