March Madness: Lacrosse Edition

Last Friday (day two of the real March Madness) I took a break from basketball and the AU loss and shot a lacrosse game at high noon. The light, not so great. The game, pretty meaningless as St. Albans played McCallie, a team out of Tennessee. The game was tied 4-4 with about 40 seconds left when St. Albans called a time out. I don't know what happened during the time out (I was jamming Lupe Fiasco in the ipod), but the coach must have really drawn it up. A kid they kept calling Roger had the ball at about mid-field and let the clock tick down to about 13 seconds. Then he made a move toward the net. The next thing I know, the ball was in the back of it, the clock read 3.9 and St. Albans kids were hugging each other. With no chance for McCallie to score, the game was over at 5-4. It turns out that being outside instead of watching CBS, I didn't miss a thing.

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